Pledge Project

For the second year Coonara participated in The Sixteen day of Activism as part of this very important Community Development project.

“FIVE Knox organisations have joined forces to push for gender equality. Women’s Health East, the Knox Learning Alliance, led by The Basin Community House, Knox Council, Eastern Community Legal Centre, and Eastern Access Community Health have come together to form the Knox PLEDGE group — People Linking to Embrace and Develop Gender Equality The global campaign runs until December 10, and community houses that are part of the Knox
Learning Alliance (including The Basin Neighbourhood House, Coonara Community House, Rowville Neighbourhood Learning Centre, Orana Neighbourhood House and Mountain District Learning Centre) are encouraging people to drop in and write a pledge on how they will encourage gender equality in the community. The pledges will be displayed at the houses.”

Herald Sun Newspaper October 2015.

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Coonara Community House is a proud member of the Knox Learning Alliance.