Volunteer for Knox

Volunteer for Knox (V4K) is the Official Volunteer Resource Centre for the City of Knox operated collaboratively by the five Neighbourhood Houses in Knox with under tender from the City of Knox. Co-ordinators Sally Dusting-Laird and Janet Myers-Creed report that 2015 was a very busy year for V4K. June saw the departure of Christine Ward who had guided the resource centre through its first full 12 months. 8 induction sessions117 volunteers on database58 volunteers recruited and placed65 registered organisations Operations have been streamlined and improved with the use of a new database and increased use of Google forms, mailchimp and social media. V4K has worked with Share the Joy and Westfield Knox Christmas Wrapping appeal for donations to SCOPE. Sally attended the monthly meetings of the Share the Joy committee to help coordinate the volunteer placements. 21 volunteers were placed with Westfield Knox and 10 with Share the Joy appeal working a number of shifts over this December period. V4K began working in partnership with the Office of Public Advocate to recruit volunteers for Independent Third Party Meetings and Community…

The Community Space at Westfield Knox – Annual Report

The Community Space at Knox is another collaborative project of the Knox Neighbourhood Houses. The space is provided free of charge under licence from the Centre Management and has been operating since November 2014. Volunteer for Knox and the Knox Learning Alliance coordinate the activities at the space and these are aimed at celebrating and showcasing volunteering and community organisations in Knox as well as providing free social and learning events. Click here to download our full annual report.

FREE Upwey Grass Roots Market

They make it, bake it, & grow it and we get to buy it cheap. They have a saying about this market, according to coordinator Leanne Fitzgerald who is also the Team Leader of the Coonara Community House, "If you make it, bake it, or grow it then we want you here in Upwey with a stall on the 30th April 2016 for our Grass Roots market". Click here to read more at WeekendNotes.com

Harmony Day at Coonara

March 21st is harmony day! Why not spend the day, or part of it, at Coonara exploring song, art, customs and food from a range of cultures. Formal sessions on cultural competence and cultural safety will also be included on the day. Click here to read more at WeekendNotes.com Click here to download the flyer

Coonara Community House is a proud member of the Knox Learning Alliance.